Optical Imaging of Ultrasonic Fields by Acoustic Bragg Diffraction (PhD thesis)

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Temperature Sensor Advisor: Dr. Rooney, Ian M. DaSilva, Patrick R. Fernandes, Flavio G. Olson, Jacob S. Karen L. Rhoades, Nathan A. David Rancour. Burke, Joseph W. Steven C. Chabior, John K.


Ferreira, Matthew J. Shannon, Stephen P. John Buck. Michael J. Bhat, Shwetha S. Neural Network for Forecasting Advisor: Dr. Gilbert, Keith D. Savery, Nicholas T.

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Optical Heterodyne Detection in Bragg Imaging | SpringerLink

Charry, Ashok R. Gifford, Craig M. Smart, Andrew J. Dippel, Holger A. Khan, Ayub A. Mutha, Rahul R. Ranganathan, Bharathidhasan M.

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  4. Acoustic microscopy.

Ginawi, Ahmed Y. John W. Smith, Scott J. Ardsher Ahmed. Zhou, Zhaoji George Z. Robert H. Tardif, Eric C. McCarrick, Charles D. Gino Zarrillo. Edmund B. Aguiar, Steven K. Nixon A. Ferkinhoff, David J. Kassab, Faouzi C.

Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging: Acoustical And Optical Spectroscopy Of Plaque

Paradis, Bonnie C. Thomas J. Harrison, Brian F. Forward Currents Advisor: Dr. Robert Caverly. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.


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Landry, J. Dixon, R.

Ultrasensitive plano-concave optical microresonators for ultrasound sensing

In this example, other image lines are similarly synthesized from the array signals, such as by using specific changes in the signal processing used to combine these signals. In this example, the distal portion of the imaging guidewire includes one or more imaging windows A, B,. Each imaging window includes one or more optical-to-acoustic transducers and a corresponding one or more separate or integrated acoustic-to-optical FBG sensors In one example, each imaging window includes an array of blazed FBG optical-to-acoustic and acoustic-to-optical combined transducers such as illustrated in FIG.

In one example, the different imaging windows A, B,. In this example, the guide-wire includes a solid metal or other core that tapers down in diameter e. In this example, optical fibers are distributed around the outer circumference of the guidewire core , and attached to the distal tip The binder material may also contribute to the torsion response of the resulting guidewire assembly In this example, the composite structure of the distal region of the guidewire provides, among other things, flexibility and rotational stiffness, thereby allowing the guidewire to be maneuvered to an imaging region of interest within a vascular or any other lumen.

In this example, but not by way of limitation, the diameter of core has tapered down to about 1.

Bragg waveguide ultrasound detectors

In this example, the optical fibers are circumferentially disposed in the binder material around the void Binder material provides structural support. Optical fibers are optionally overlaid with the outer coating In this example, at least one metallic or other bulkhead is provided along the tapered portion of the guidewire core The optical fibers and binder are attached to a proximal side of the bulkhead near its circumferential perimeter. A distal side of the bulkhead is attached, near its circumferential perimeter, to a coil winding that extends further, in the distal direction, to a ball or other distal tip of the guidewire In one example, before the acoustic transducer s is fabricated, the guidewire is assembled, such as by binding the optical fibers to the core and distal tip or bulkhead , and optionally coating the guidewire The optoacoustic transducer s are then integrated into the guidewire assembly , such as by grinding one or more grooves in the guidewire at the locations of the optoacoustic transducer windows In a further example, the depth of these groove s in the optical fiber s defines the resonant structure s of the optoacoustic transducer s.

After the optoacoustic transducer windows have been defined, the FBGs added to one or more portions of the optical fiber within such windows In one example, the FBGs are created using an optical process in which the portion of the optical fiber is exposed to a carefully controlled pattern of UV radiation that defines the Bragg gratings. Then, a photoacoustic material is deposited or otherwise added in the transducer windows over respective Bragg gratings.