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HYNE, C. LAUT, A. MAY, Ernest R. PINK, A. Rebecca had skipped sleeplessly downstairs again. To my surprise, it was my lap she burrowed into. He picked her up topsy-turvy, squashing the sentimental moment. Put me down! I sank into silence, staring into the small spring fire.

Becky went off to sleep at last. Andrew cleaned his plate and followed her. Connie counted a last few stitches, then folded up her work for the night. When they were safely gone to their bedroom, I stumbled into mine. The empty chest mocked me.

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To my final finger of whisky I added careful drops from the phial of laudanum in my bedside table. I closed my eyes and thought of my Raffles, but what dreams came were all the doleful exercise-yard at Reading Gaol, and nary a hair of my lost friend. I thought that might be all I would hear of the eminent cracksman and his rope ladder, but Wednesday morning I received a message from Holmes at my surgery.

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If I might be interested in the sequel, it said, I should arrive at Baker Street by teatime. My midweek patients presenting no particular challenges, I took care of immediate needs and entered my old rooms again by half-past three. Holmes caught me up economically on his findings to date. Harry Manders, it transpired, had dispatched a note from the News Herald office asking if he might visit Holmes this same afternoon. Manders with us. It appears that I shall take him on as a sort of sub-client to this case. If we find the Farnsworth burglar, we may as well restore Mr. I faintly heard the servant opening the downstairs door, but the pause was then so long that I glanced down from the landing.

Manders, leaning on his cane, appeared exhausted only four steps up from the bottom. Since I knew that the stairs totaled seventeen, I trotted down and offered the poor man a shoulder. My heart swelled with patriotic admiration for Manders, invert burglar or no. He shook his head stolidly. Manders looked up at him in astonishment. You read my stories. Each of them took a slim cigarette. Holmes held out a lit match, and Manders drew a long puff of smoke and sighed.

Do you care for Sullivans yourself? Freud, on my couch. Holmes smiled thinly. Freud theorises that criminals are motivated by deep-set guilt and a need for punishment. Which might account for Mr. At the outbreak of war, you enlisted together. He did not drown near Genoa in as you write. But he was shot by a sniper outside Johannesburg in He paused, covering his emotions with a large bite of bun. Therefore no official record exists for the actual demise of A.

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He fell across me—lay there till dark, when the stretcher-bearers could approach. They called for the living, and gentlemen, I seriously considered holding my tongue. On the topic of your missing items: I have the list of what went astray from the Black Museum. Will you confirm it matches your memory? He held out a much-folded page. Manders squinted at it through his spectacles and read aloud.

Gimlets, wedges, life-preserver. Oil bottle. Velvet bag. Telescope walking-stick. I cannot imagine what someone would want with all of it.

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That velvet bag—how would the thief even know its use? You were another guest, I believe. I thought surely the invitation was a trap. As it turned out, it was—and Raffles walked straight in and sprang it. On that evening he only tossed things about to give the impression of robbery. The lockpicks were used in the burglary of the jeweller Danby, as you describe, and also at the home of a Mr.


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Guillemard in Horsham? Manders goggled at him again. They carried on in this fashion until the buns and Sullivans ran short. Holmes nodded slowly in acknowledgment of the point. Mackenzie was no admirer of my methods. Raffles himself never harmed me. In fact it seemed that many of his victims could afford their losses. Raffles never spent an hour behind bars for his crimes.

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It was the start of cricket season, second week-end of April. Probably three dozen people visited that fortnight. I am myself off now to Mrs. Savident had not forgotten. Manders drew up on the rug and bowed. After my family plate, are you?

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