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Choi in her foreword to the Crown edition of the Just So Stories, "is there such fanciful and playful language. The main sources of their inspiration, Kipling explained in Something of Myself, came from artifacts discovered in a well they were drilling on the property: "When we stopped at twenty-five feet, we had found a Jacobean tobacco-pipe, a worn Cromwellian latten spoon and, at the bottom of all, the bronze cheek of a Roman horse-bit. Its deepest mud yielded us a perfectly polished Neolithic axe-head with but one chip on its still venomous edge. Kipling wrote many other works during the periods that he produced his children's classics.

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He was actively involved in the Boer War in South Africa as a war correspondent, and in he was assigned the post of 'Honorary Literary Advisor' to the Imperial War Graves Commission—the same year that his son John, who had been missing in action for two years, was confirmed dead. In his last years, explains O'Toole, he became even more withdrawn and bitter, losing much of his audience because of his unpopular political views—such as compulsory military service—and a "cruelty and desire for vengeance [in his writings] that his detractors detested.

He had enormous sympathy for the lower classes He finally succumbed to a painful illness early in The volumes contain selected surviving letters written by Kipling between and ; it is believed that both Kipling and his wife destroyed many of Kipling's other letters. Kipling's chief correspondent was Edmonia Hill, who was his counselor and confidante beginning during his days as a journalist in India.

Reviewers note that all of the letters reflect Kipling's distinctive literary style. Jonathan Keates in the Observer notes, "this gathering of survivors shows that Kipling, with his gift for the resonant, throat-grabbing phrase and his obsessive interest in watching and listening, could never write a dud letter. Kipling is inimitable: at his innocently aesthetic worst, he can be deeply embarrassing; and the letters, like the stories, contain both sorts.

The recently discovered short story "Scylla and Charybdis" was published in the Spring, issue of the Kipling Society Journal. His works are collected in more than one hundred omnibus volumes.

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The Children. The City of Sleep. Danny Deever. A Death-Bed. Epitaphs of the War. Gunga Din.

"The Female of the Species" by Rudyard Kipling (read by Tom O'Bedlam)

Harp Song of the Dane Women. The Long Trail. A Pict Song. The Secret of the Machines.

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Sestina of the Tramp-Royal. The Song of the Banjo. Song of the Galley-Slaves. The Verdicts. Show More. From Audio Poem of the Day June Read More. By Austin Allen. Poetic Presidents. By Elizabeth Harball. From Audio Poem of the Day January Departmental Ditties and Other Verses, Civil and Military Gazette Press, , 2nd edition, enlarged, Thacker, Spink Calcutta , , 3rd edition, further enlarged, , 4th edition, still further enlarged, W. Thacker London , , deluxe edition, The Rhyme of True Thomas, D.

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Caldwell, Belts, A. Grosset, Cruisers, Doubleday McClure, The Reformer, Doubleday, Page, The Lesson, Doubleday, Page, The Five Nations, Doubleday, Page, The Muse among the Motors, Doubleday, Page, The Sons of Martha, Doubleday, Page, The City of Brass, Doubleday, Page, Cuckoo Song, Doubleday, Page, A Patrol Song, Doubleday, Page, A Song of the English, illustrations by W. Heath Robinson, Doubleday, Page, If, Doubleday, Page, , reprinted, Doubleday, The Declaration of London, Doubleday, Page, The Spies' March, Doubleday, Page, Songs from Books, Doubleday, Page, An Unrecorded Trial, Doubleday, Page, The Children's Song, Macmillan, I think we will come back some time.

My kids certainly want us to. And my wife and I fell in love with the state of Vermont. We will spread the word! Rent this Landmark. When acquired, the roof was beginning to leak, a family of raccoons had taken up residence, and the south foundation had collapsed.

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Kipling, Esq. Through very serendipitous circumstances we also discovered in a barn down the road the original entry hall paneling and numerous doors that had been removed after Kipling sold the house; these were donated to the Trust for reinstallation. The house itself was also extensively studied and the small alterations made after Kipling left were reversed. The Trust returned to the original colors inside and out so that now visitors can experience the house just as Kipling did. And while Rudyard Kipling did not have electricity and some other modern conveniences, Naulakha today is essentially the house he lived in.

Naulakha is very comfortably furnished for 8 people. There are three floors with bed and bathrooms up the stairs on the second floor.