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And this is just the beginning of the blood letting. Fairly soon there are bits of body everywhere and there is so much blood you can practically taste it. You need to keep alert to remember who is who, what they want and who they have just cut up. A very masterful chopping and mixing of the sequence of events in the book only adds to the tension.

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Just when you think you know what will happen next there is another gruesome twist to the plot and your adrenalin starts to pump even harder. If you are looking for relaxing bed time reading with this book, think again. Details of the author's other books with links to reviews can be found on the Books page.

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That last line was disturbing and weird and perfect for such a strange book. That was the week that Jake tried to frame me. It was the week he tried to kill me. It was the week Fay and I began brawling. It was the week Ruthie Jesus God, that week!

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Even now--and what do I have to worry about now? I thought it appropriate to blow out 's posts with a psycho-noir masterpiece, Savage Night by Jim Thompson. I picked up my Black Lizard edition of this novel about 30 years ago from a store long since closed.

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Like most of us, I discovered these noir classics through Black Lizard reprints. Same thing with Harry Whittington and Dan J.

But that's how the publishing world goes. Anyway, I thought it would be fun?

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  8. This one, from follows a hitman named Charlie Bigger on assignment to rub out a potential mob witness, Jake Winroy, before Winroy can testify and bring a whole heap of trouble down on men of influential standing. Bigger comes to the town of Peardale in disguise as a student attending a teacher's college. He's been hired to kill Winroy before his trial date. His orders are to make the hit look like an accident. Bigger's boss is a shadowy kingpin referred to only as The Man. Charlie Bigger cuts a strange figure as a hitman.

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    At barely 5 feet tall, bad teeth and poor eyesight, he hardly presents an imposing figure of menace. Lifts in his shoes, contact lenses and dentures help somewhat. Years of being called Sonny, and treated like a boy by women have hardened Bigger into something of a time bomb. Our only background on Bigger's violent life is given to us through an article in a True Detective magazine, much like the kind Thompson himself used to write.

    Bigger is no sooner in town and taking residence in Winroy's home as a student boarder when he's in deep with a couple of unsettling dames in Fay Winroy's wife and Ruthie, Ruthie is another student, hired by the Winroys to come in and clean up house a few hours each day. Ruthie has an unsettling deformity which Bigger finds both horrifying and appealing.

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    He relates to Ruthie as a misfit. Fay is a hardened dame with a past as a nightclub singer, hooking up with Jake during his Cadillac days and now living a frustrated existence with a washed out drunk. Jake is a clown, given to fits of drunken panic. He believes, rightly, that Bigger's arrival in town means his number is finally up.