Spurgeons Sermons Volume 6: 1860 - Enhanced Version

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Sinners One and All Sinners Falling Short Sinners Through and Through Righteous Indignation Holy War A Most Costly Gift The Divine Dilemma A Qualified Redeemer The Cross of Jesus Christ The Vindication of God The Resurrection of Jesus Christ The Foundation of Faith in the Resurrection Christ's Ascension as the Lord of All Lawson, are designed to introduce giants of the Christian faith and to show how they used their particular spiritual gifts, personality traits, or ministry abilities in serving God.

The goal of the series is to set forth followers of Christ who are themselves worthy to be followed. Lawson "The aim of this book is to raise the bar for a new generation of expositors. Lawson Looking to the past for outstanding Bible-based, Christ-centered, and life-changing preaching, Dr. Steven J.

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Lawson focuses on sixteenth-century Geneva, Switzerland. It was there that John Calvin ministered for decades as a faithful shepherd to a flock of believers. Lawson Jonathan Edwards is well known as perhaps the greatest theologian the United States has ever produced. He is equally noted for his preaching and writing. But in this Long Line Profile, Dr. Lawson considers the unique focus and commitment with which Edwards sought to live out the Christian faith.

In truth, he was 'low in stature, and of a weakly constitution,' a small man who was often sickly and afflicted with doubts and fears.

Spurgeon, Charles - Sword and Trowel Vol 6

Rather, he was greatly used because he was submissive to God; therefore, God strengthened him. Lawson Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher of nineteenth-century London, is remembered today as 'the prince of preachers. Lawson shows that Spurgeon fearlessly taught the doctrines of grace and simultaneously held forth the free offer of salvation in Jesus Christ. Lawson During the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century, the Reformers' most effective tool was the pulpit, and all of the Reformers were gifted preachers.

This was especially true of Martin Luther, the man regarded as the father of the Reformation. Lawson shows the convictions and practices that fed Luther's pulpit boldness, providing an example for all preachers in a day when truth once more is in decline. Life in Christ explores the unsearchable riches of the Christian pilgrimage and traces its trajectory, highlighting key elements in the believer's experience.

Do you wrestle with assurance? Have you grasped the engagement demanded in Christian living?

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Do you find the way wearying at times? Do you struggle with your Christian identity? Walker provides instruction for Christians to assess their own standing and progress in the faith; exhorting and equipping and always pointing them ahead to the hope of the glory of Christ. Along the way, he encourages God's people to live a life to the praise of His glory as he examines some of the basic truths that establish and direct a true child of God. Table of Contents: 1. Looking to Jesus 2. United to Christ 3.

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The Unsearchable Riches of Christ 4. Sons of God 5. The Jewel of Assurance 6. The Marks of God's Children 7. A Work in Progress 8. Endorsements: "In his new book, my good friend Jeremy Walker, in a most breathtaking way, vividly opens up the beauties and glories of becoming and being a disciple of Christ. In reading this work I was greatly moved and reminded afresh of the wonders of my salvation and was tearfully left praising God for all that He has done in my life.

Since no other subject in the Word of God is more important than the one addressed in this volume, I cannot commend it too highly. You will be grateful to know that this gaping hole is being wonderfully filled with Jeremy Walker's new book, Life in Christ. Jeremy writes with a theological precision, exegetical clarity, and pastoral sensitivity that promise this book to be a very useful resource not just for those seeking to grow more in Christ but even unbelievers needing to know why Christ is to be so treasured.

Read this book and prepare to be amazed afresh of what it means for us as sinners to be in Christ and partakers of his heavenly reward.

Ryle of old, carries the reader along with an excellent, gripping style. It is a book that everyone should read; and then pass on to others who need an explanation of the true gospel, especially those slaves of political correctness sadly found in many modern pulpits.

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Following Christ is not a matter of secondary importance but should be of critical concern for every reader of this book. Each page is saturated with scriptural truths that are easy to read but challenging to apply regarding this vital subject of discipleship.

I highly recommend this work, which is doctrinally sound, persuasively presented, and pastorally related. These 38 sermons deal with the subjects of bereavement, suffering, affliction and distress by examining and applying Holy Scripture in a wonderfully encouraging way. Many of these sermons were preached at a funeral service and so there is a genuine solemness that marks every word.

Emmons was persuaded that the best place to address the issues of eternity was in the very face of death. None who have lived very long in this world can claim to be exempt. How many will never experience the death of a loved one and the pain which comes with it? Although many live in the world as if they shall never die, how many will ultimately cheat the shrouded figure of death? Will you? The sermons in this book are unlike anything you will hear from the pulpit today, regardless of the circumstances. They deal with all aspects of affliction and suffering; but unlike the presumptions of men, they begin with a sovereign God who determines all things; therefore, there is a reasonableness to them founded upon the word of God.

Rather than stacking a dizzying array of verses together to 'prove a point,' the author explains various texts as they pertain to the overall themes of the Bible.

Sin Immeasurable - Charles Spurgeon Audio Sermon

Charitable, yet completely honest, this book needs to be read by all Christians who desire to walk more closely with the Sovereign Lord of the Universe! It is, moreover, an insightful and biblically clear exposition from which both inquirers and defenders of the doctrines of grace may benefit richly. In setting forth man's total depravity, God's sovereign election, and Christ's effectual atonement, Bianchi brings us as worshipers before the God of all grace and leaves us with a solid ground of joyful assurance through our union with Christ in faith.

By raising thematic issues rather than lists of texts , Bianchi invites the reader to consider well the consistency of their own view of the gospel. This work will find its place among those books we offer to others who have sincere questions about what it means to be Reformed. Alexander Few things are more helpful to preachers than the thoughts of a great preacher. James W. First published in , a few years after his death, it contains sections from his private writings with their illuminating comments on the work of the ministry.

It is much to be regretted that it has been out of print, and it is an honor to be able to bring it back once again with enlarged print for easier reading. Alexander's 'Thoughts on Preaching' is the best daily devotional on preaching ever written. To read a section or two of his poignant and savory thoughts contained in 'Homiletical Paragraphs' every day would greatly instruct, convict, encourage, and re-energize any true minister of the gospel.

And his 'Letters to Young Ministers' is a masterpiece in itself; particularly the sections on maintaining devotion and happiness in the ministry. Joel R. Beeke "'Thoughts on Preaching' has impacted my verbal ministry, not only because Alexander relates proclamation so well to experiential Christianity, but especially because of his insistence upon preaching without notes. He encourages a more liberated, and apostolic style which I find most engaging. This is a work I have recommended numerous times.

It is among my top picks for texts on preaching. I read it when I was first ordained to the ministry in , and the sage advice that Alexander gives throughout still sticks with me. I still value his emphasis on preaching on the big themes.

That advice and so much like it makes this book a jewel box of treasures for preachers and also for men preparing for the ministry.