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The question is do you understand the meaning of those vows? This series is designed to break down these vows and explain the meaning along with how you and your partner can begin to empower your marriage.

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Simply put, this vow is talking about your physical connection and intimacy with each other. You belong to one another. This vow seems like it should be simple to follow but once the wedding is over, the challenge begins! So how do you ensure that you are fulfilling this vow and not losing your sense of self? Glad you asked…. Think about how your relationship was in the beginning. Any spare moment that you had, you were bunny rabbits. Life happened!

Believe it or not when you neglect to fulfill this vow for whatever reason, you are inviting division into your marriage. When you have all of this going on mentally, it is difficult to ensure that you are following through with your obligations as a spouse. The thing to keep in mind is that your spouse is more than just your spouse. They are your friend, supporter, motivator, your voice of reason and your clear mind when yours is cloudy.

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They are there to help lift your mental and physical load. The point is that you should be able to sit down with your spouse and calmly explain where your load is overwhelming. Tell them exactly what you need from them in order to help you to fulfill your daily obligations in efforts to free up space in your mind to prepare for fulfilling the obligations of this vow. When you are able to work together to establish a solution, you can get back to having a physical and emotional connection with one another.

My grandparents raised me, and I grew up seeing them live in separate bedrooms. My grandmother needed her ceiling which made my grandfather freeze to death.

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They thought the best solution was to sleep in separate bedrooms. I never agreed with that solution but when you have people that have had this arrangement for 30 plus years, it was very difficult to help them change their minds about their sleeping arrangements. I am hoping that you will entertain my thoughts on this and at least try to make changes if this applies to you.

The bedroom is the number one place that should belong to only you and your spouse. This is the time that the world becomes quiet and the only thing in your view is each other. You are there with each other to unwind from a busy day and cap the evening with relaxation. This is not the time to discuss problems you have with each other or your co-workers. Use this time to have and hold each other! The series debuts on June 1. Paraison said on his Facebook page that the series has been three years in the making. Watch the trailer below. Advertise Contact Us. Saturday, September 28, Saturday, October 5, View Event.

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